Offset for curved objects - walls for 3d

Hi. I want to make a 3D-Model from a curvilloft object. e.g. combining rectangle and circle. How can I get an offset for a wall-thickness that goes completely through the model with even thickness? Thanks for advice.

There’s a plugin from fredo as well, it’s called tools on surface, among other tools it has one to make offsets on irregular surfaces. There are ways to do it without tools on surface, it comes to mi mind, to copy the contour lines of the surface, extrude the lines on the Z axis with a plugin like adebeo push line, then create a flat surface that intersects with the extruded lines, after intersecting you’ll have a flat projection of the contour lines, there you can use the native offset tool, then extrude and intersect again with your irregular surface, with vertex tools, you can make a copy of the contour lines on the Z axis, then select all those lines, activate vertex tools, and scale to 0 on the Z axis, if you draw a line on the resulting coplanar lines, a face should be created, then use the native offset tool, and do the same that I described with the previous method.
If you didn’t get how to do it, just try tools on surface to make the offset with two clicks.

Thickener in Joint Push Pull should work, depending on how you built the shell.

I will try tools on surface. The other way sounds too complicated for me… Thanks.

Sounds good. I will try. Thank you.

Thickener with JointPushPull worked best for me. toolsOnSurface only made the offset in y-axis. No idea if it’s possible horizontally to get a wall in a round object.

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Glad it worked. If you don’t mind click the post above that served as the solution / answer so that folks looking to do something similar will have an easier time of wading through replies.


I too am working through this with a shape. Can you elaborate on what JointPushPull is? Is it an extension?

JointPushPull is an extension. It’s available through Sketchucation. It will work on multiple faces in a single operation so it’s great for giving thickness to non-flat surfaces.