How to Offset Curved surface



i am very new to Sketchup. I have looked around in the forum for answer to my question but I can’t find any.

What I want to do is to offset a curved surface.

I did find this
But I did not manage to make it work with SU17.

any ideas?


The latest version of Joint PushPull from Sketchucation works in SU 2017, and should do what you want.

You also need to install the FredoLib plugin.


You haven’t completed your profile. Could you please do so? It will make it easier for others to help you if we know what version of SU, and whether Make or Pro, and details of you operating system and graphics card and driver version.


Thanks, I will try joint push pull.

What I can see I have completed the information you asking for. But there is a red dot to the right. something wrong?


Here is the updated version of that plugin with more features: Tools On Surface .
Works on SU17 without problem.


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