RoundCorner plugin error, "Corner at fault.."

I’m trying to round off these corners, but getting an error:

This is a joist hanger (
This is the skp file: joist hanger.skp (136.1 KB)

Any help appreciated!

One key problem area is where the diagonal edge of the flange meets the bottom. Move it up slightly so it doesn’t hit at the corner. If you look at pictures of real joist hangers you’ll see that the diagonal cut on the flange typically doesn’t come down to the fold at all.

Another problem is trying to round all of the edges with the same radius. The inside radius of the bends is going to be smaller than outside. Also look at real joist hangers. They are stamped out of sheet steel and bent into shape. The edges of the metal are not rounded over.

As an exercise in learning to use SketchUp this is a good one with the geometry. If you were going to use this as a component for modeling a building, it seems to me there’s little value if any in adding the radiused corners. It won’t be visible in the larger model but it will add file size.

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Awesome, thank you so much!