Round Garden Table Concept


I drew this table for some more practice, Its a little unfinished but idea’s there. I used “Trim and Keep” to cut the circular slats and lap joints. The curves were drawn with the native Arc tool and Fredo Bezier Curve tool. The rest is just taking advantage of components. Didn’t take too long really…

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It’s a nice idea but I think you might find it rather uncomfortable to sit at to eat a meal. The position of the stools and the crossbeams would tend to make you sit at an angle to the table. The arrangement of the stools is really more suited to a square table, if it were me I would lengthen the stool arm and angle it inwards so that the person is sitting more square on to the centre of the table. Although even then I think you would have a knee/crossbeam clash, unless you made the tabletop larger.


Thanks for the constructive feedback, it is a quick idea but there’s definitely room for improvement from your comments. I try to make everything I model make-able I reality. While it fits the bill in that respect, the human relation doesn’t quite yet.

Some food for thought…


Had a few attempts at different configurations, proving tricky to get this one right

This is the latest “experiment”…


like it, how about a deluxe model with rotating seats so can spin out, maybe a lazy sue too?


I like the shape.

There will be a lot of stress on the joints between the diagonal legs and the seat supports if you don’t put feet under the seats.

And I’d rotate the seat slats by 90° to reduce the likelihood of pinching your legs or snagging clothes in the gaps between the slats.


I already had strength concerns before I posted the last (2nd) image, I was interested to see if anyone would comment in that way and they did. I took out the main beams from the 1ST image to gain better comfort, at the cost of strength. I thought about extending the vertical legs beneath the seats into the ground and concreting them but I think that may be a bit OTT. I do like the look of it, but it has to be strong enough in design.

On a sidenote, after a post about barrels the other day and Dave’s sailor quiz, it reminded me of some tables in a marine club we used to go to.

I drew an impression of them:


Another idea while I’ve had a bit of time, although the stools would probably have to be fixed down a base of some sort to prevent the infamous “side fumbling” issue. :wink: