Round corners on several faces at once

My daughter is struggling with creating several round corners on the geometry at one pass. I tried to help her with it, but, well I shan’t expand on that. Needless to say we both came to no end. Is there a way to do this?

As you can see from her image, there are many facets she needs to round off. Her problem is and I was no help here; is that while the edges seen can be worked on, those behind can’t be added after with getting some weird result.

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Rounding or chamfering multiple corners is not a native SketchUp function. There are some extensions that can add this functionality, but it depends greatly on how your model is constructed. To get focused help it would be best to upload the .skp model you have here so we can take a look at what you are working with.

you can drag and drop the file into a response window, unless it’s too big.

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With 2017 you may be able to use Fredo’s RoundCorner. I don’t know how the versions work with 2017, but there must be something that works or people would have said. With a complex shape you have to be aware or figure out what is going to happen when one round corner meets another, and avoid overlaps in the geometry by rounding with too large an offset. Might require dividing the object into groups to work on separately.

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As Peter suggests, Round Corner by Fredo6 and available at Sketchucation could probably do the rounding. Depending on how the model is created, it may need some rework to make the extension work well.

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Mel has the Frodo round corner as do I. It works well in most cases. The issue is, as I pointed out, you may radius the corners you can see on your screen, but you cannot rotate the model to pick further corners while you are in the round corner mode.

My girl has the model on her computer, I only have the images she sent me. At the moment she can’t come onto the site herself as Air Force has her on exercises as the current time.

As you can see, its quite simple to select what is easily seen. But you cannot add a radius to the last corner hidden underneath at the rear without getting an unpleasant result.

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You can’t rotate the model but you can orbit the camera while Round Corner is active. She could also pre-select all the edges she wants to round over and then activate Round Corner.

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Thanks @DaveR . Mel will be home tonight, so I’ll call her and give her a link to this. You’ve been most helpful.


Thank you to everyone for your help and input. My apologies as well for not replying sooner; the ADF has a way of getting in your life. Thanks especially to Dad for the original post!

The good news is, it all worked out and really all of your options worked great! So here is the end result.

Control console, Stargate ship.