Round Corner Plugin - Where to install files?

I have downloaded the files from the Ruby Library Depot as per the Sketchup Blog posting. It says to install the files into the Plugins folder. I do not have a Plugins folder in my install. I have tried installing the files into the Tools folder as well as a folder called ifcplugin. It also says to access the plugin via View > Tool Palettes > Round Corner. I do not have a Tool Palettes option under the View menu. I am using Sketchup 2017 version 17.1.174 64 bit. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Window > Extension Manager > Install Extension

Walt, you’re trying to follow ancient instructions which no longer apply. Before you install the Round Corner plugin, start over and get it from here. You can download the RBZ and use Install Extension as @ad_1011, indicate or better, install the Sketchucation Extension Store that way and let it automatically and correctly install extensions like Round Corner. Note, with round Corner you also need to install LibFredo6.

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that’s a mac menu item…


Thank you. I can’t seem to setup an account at the Sketchcation store. No matter what combination of username and email I try it tells me that they are already in use. My email can’t be in use and I tried a complete random combination of letters and numbers that I highly doubt are in use but it still tells me they are. I tried to login with my forum login info and it tells me they are wrong. How does one setup an account there? :confused:

I’m just leaving for home. I’ll help you when I get there.

Thank you very much. Very frustrated.

I also just noticed the first field on the registration form is Plan with an * but there is nothing to select from or fill in next to it. :confused:

I sent you a private message for some information so I can try to help you.

It sounds to me as if you picked the wrong sign in button. Take the one in the middle of the screen.

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Thank you! After 5 more tries I finally managed to get in. Now to see if I can round up all the required files and make this plugin work. After trying to setup an account I’m highly unsure if that will happen. I greatly appreciate your help so far.

If you install the Extension Store as described in the instructions, you will be able to get Round Corner and LibFredo6 installed correctly.

I downloaded it and was watching the how to install video. I do not have an Extensions tab under Window > Preferences. :confused:

Please reread the instructions @ad_1011 and I gave you earlier.

Thank you, I figured that out. It would seem the instructions on the website video should be accurate though.

The video needs to be updated for SU2017. It’s different than previous versions and it hasn’t been all that long since 2017 was released. The author of the video is a busy guy and I’m sure he’ll get to it.