Accessing a downloaded plug in?

I am using sketchup 8. Downloaded a plug in from the extension center. It is in my download folder. How do i access it in sketchup?
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Which version of SketchUp 8 are you using?

All i know it is the free version. How do i find more info that you need?

Go to the Help menu and look at About SketchUp.

By the way, your profile says you are using the web version of SketchUp 8 but that doesn’t exist. Perhaps you can edit your profile.

Version 8.0.16846

Ah… Then the hard way. Change the file extension of the downloaded plugin from .rbz to .zip. Then open the z.ip file and extract the contents into Program Files/Google/SketchUp/SketchUp 8/Plugins. It’s been nearly a decade so I may not have the exact path correct. Then start SketchUp?

What plugin did you download?

FREDO6 Round corners.

Did you get it from Sketchucation? If not, it’s unlikely to work in SU8. Did you also download LibFredo6? If not, it won’t work at all.

This is the link to the version of Fredo6’s Round Corner for versions of Sketchup before 2017. And this is for LibFredo6 to match.

No just FREDO6 Round corners. I will try and and look up where Sketch up is in program files.

Downloaded both files and unzipped. It seems to work so far but i need to locate the instructions on how to use all the features.
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