Problems with round corner plugin

Hi all. I am new to Sketchup and the forum so hope I posted in the right place. I am using Sketchup make 2015.
My problem is that I wanted to make round corners so I downloaded the roundcorner 2.3a zip and the libfredo6_3.7b zip.
I unzipped them both into the ifcplugin folder but when I open sketchup there is no obvious way of using the round corners plugin. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Installing them into the incorrect location is the first problem. Also installing old files is the second.

The correct location would be in User/App Data/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 201x/Sketchup/Plugins.

The current version of LibFredo6 is 6.9. See:
Round corner’s current version is 3.1a

Where did you get the files?

Get them from Sketchucation instead and use the Sketchucation Plugin Store to install them correctly.

Thank you DaveFollowed you advice and now I have the round corners working. Once again thanks for your reply.

Good, good.

Out of curiosity, though, where did you get those old files?

Not sure which site but did search on google.

Only ever download extensions/plugins from trusted sources…

Not every source of a extension/plugin download is going to get you an up to date version, or even trustworthy code - you might actually be installing something with hidden malicious intent !

So always use somewhere trusted - for example the SketchUcation PluginStore, the Extension-Warehouse or - and of course the sites of established developers linked from reliable pages…

Almost all currently compatible plugins/extensions will be downloaded in RBZ archives.
These RBZ archives can then be automatically extracted and installed into your Plugins folder using:
SketchUp’s Preferences > Extensions > Install Extension…
Or other utilities, like the SketchUcation Toolset’s Archive-Installer…

These days you will very rarely get [or need] a downloaded ZIP file…