Rotation problems. Rotx also changes rotz

I have a huge problem, which I cannot solve and it has been haunting me for years…
I need to open and close a door with animate
I manage to make the furniture on the right work perfectly because the arrangement of the axes matches those of the model.
but the problem is that I don’t want to do that since OCL orientation automatically damages the parts list. how you could turn the door properly with these “Frente” axles. I invoke the wise, and thank you in advance for all the help @pcmoor @DanRathbunCooka.skp (10.4 MB)![cerrado.PNG|482x368]
(upload://zoI6TPsAc8wZEsE34cSYvhskqOs.jpeg) aberto


lock the other rotations first @ 90, then apply the animation to roty

I resized your material, the material resizer is in the extension warehouse

Cooka.skp (340.4 KB)

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I was trying to block rot but it did not rotate with Roty … because it rotates on the red axis when the formula is in green … and I don’t understand what you mean by “material resizer”

The file you uploaded was more than 10mb, that 10 was the material, which can be reduced via the sketchup script “material resizer” in the extensions so file less 0.5mb


Thank you!! I already installed the extension

that is due to some flips you have made with the components

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