Animation rotation angles

Hi, I would like that my door, which is the square, would open rotating around the red axis, but when I animate it, it falls back on the Y axis.

Can anyone help me please?

Thank you

I still have an issue whith this. It seems like the component does not accept the new referential axis.

Can you Help

Thank you !

If you upload the (component) file, someone might give it a try.

Layout 3D broyeur.skp (574.0 KB)
Thanks for the tip.

Here is the file, I am triying to open it in the X axis which is in the same angle as the panel.

Thank you

In order to make it clearer, it shows here that the pannel is not rotating (ROTX) around the new set of axis.

In order for the rotation to work correctly one needs to add the right attribute first and see how much the current rotation is: (-60)

Then, add the right arguments in the formula: (Attributename, startangle, openangle)

It doesn’t work. When I set an attribute for a Rotation, the component adopt immediatly the angle input.

but still rotate in the origin axis

You are editing the component file itself, instead of importing in a working file , I guess

It once worked, but I can’t make it happend again…

If anyone is willing, I would do a TEAMS with shared screen…let me know.

Leave me your e-mail below, with a time, and I will send an invite.

Thank you for the support !

first open rotation attributes

add an attribute to hold the required values

note the other values automatic zero out
change onclick to suit

Thank you for all the support, but it still doesn’t work even with all of the attempt with your advices.

Thing is, I was able once to set it just by placing the axis in the right direction on the component.

I will keep trying.

It would be nice to have a shared screen online help or forum. Does that exist?

Thank you

If you wish to create a simple door then set it up with all rotations =0 ,
the door axis same directions as the model axis, (in this case plane of door is on the axis)

then change the parameters to suit the situation