Rotating box side with 45 degree ends

How do I rotate a flat piece with 45 degree ends? Every time I try to rotate it straight up the piece turns in a way that leaves it positioned wrong!

45 Degree (8.6 KB)


Do you mean like this?

You can use the Rotate tool and hit the left arrow key to look it in the green direction. Or get the Move tool and hover over one of the red plus signed on the edge. That’s allow you to rotate it around the center.

FWIW, if you want the thing in the vertical orientation, you should just draw it that way from the beginning.

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Yes like that only with the long edge down along the red axes. That particular piece is part of another project and I wanted to rotate it to show the angle and a groove along the bottom for the bottom to fit into.

Ah… Then get the Rotate tool, hit the right arrow key to lock the axis of rotation along the red direction and rotate. Or use the Move tool on a red plus at the end of the thing.

I’ll have to try the ‘little red plus’ everything else I do the piece rotates in a totally different or abnoxious direction.

First try locking the axis of rotate with the cursor key.

With the Move tool:

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Yes, thank you! The .gif you made is perfect!!

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