Rotating A Post

I have this outside post of a baseball backstop. The post is 20’ high with a 4’ extension at a 45 degree angle off the top.

I need to rotate the post 90 degrees clockwise in reference to the two guidelines in the image.

I am not sure how to do it. I tried to use the rotate tool, on the green axis, the centre being the end point of the vertical post, the base line being the guide that goes to the left, enter 90, but not the results I was expecting.

The post is an extruded cylinder formed from the two parts … a 20’ vertical section, and a 4’ diagonal.

No image, so I’m not sure what you are talking about…sorry! It ought to be simple to do this, though I suspect you want to rotate about the blue axis, not green.

Ooops. Standby. Technical Problems.

Like this? (of course, you will need to deal with the horizontal members. The right way will depend on whether you made appropriate groups or components).


I will give it a go slbaumgartner. Thank you.
And yes … we will see if my self teaching was accuarte when dealinbg with the horizontal members. Fingers crossed.

Sometimes it could be useful to show a reference image. Will your model look anything like this when it’s done?

Well … I got my post rotated.
I was surprised after I removed the one horizontal piece that my post was hollow? I didn’t set out to do that. LOL. I was just going to pull the end of the cylinder out and redo the horizontal piece, but not I have no surface to pull from. (I’m new to this … can you tell?)

I also have two holes in my post where the horizontal pieces were origonally?

And no … my model will look nothing like what I hope it will. LOL

Those are normal results. SU is a surface modeler. there’s nothing behind the micro thin faces and edges. Where there was a hole before (somehow that’s what you did) it isn’t going to heal itself. It’s easy to fix in this case when you know how, but hard to explain and takes some skill. Check out the SketchUp learning center.

Thank you.