Rotate tool not aligning correctly to face of object!

G’day Friends
I am having ongoing difficulties with the rotate tool misaligning with the surface plane when I hover over a centre point in a selected component. Note that these centre points are aligned with the 3 main axis.
Any advice on how to overcome this issue would be very much appreciated.
Best Regards Russ

It’s a little hard to guess without seeing what you are doing, but have you tried using the arrow keys to lock the axis?

G’day Box

Thanks for your great suggestion it appears to be the answer to my problem. I was unaware of this function to lock the axis.

Thanks again! Best Regards Russ

Would be good if you could register that @Box has solved your query.

Thanks Simon for your suggestion, however I have no idea how to register the solution to my query.

Looks like you found out how…