Rotate Grip tool modification


In using the grip tool in Layout I feel that it would be very useful to have a similar process as in SU where the grip would be moved to the center of rotation, the handle moved to the point on the object or group which needs to be aligned, and then the actual rotation would begin with the current inferencing etc, allowing for more precise rotational alignment. Currently it would seem that when a group or object is rotated, the grip tool will automatically reset to horizontal after exiting the group, making subsequent realignments very difficult for non-horizontal objects/groups without measuring precise angles and entering them in the rotation command- a lengthy process.

Rotating in Layout

YES YES YES very much needed!

Scrapbook items often consist of groups, for example section callouts. These need to be aligned precisely with plans and elevations however the way the grip works on groups this is imposable once the item has been rotated the first time. If the alignment of a section cut changes there is no way to accurately correct the section callout without placing a new callout from the scrapbook.