Locking or turning off Layout grips

I do 100% of my architecture practice design and documenting in Sketchup Pro and Layout. Is there ANY WAY possible to turn off or lock the grips in layout? Every time I attempt to move a scrapbook symbol, I inevitably hit the grip first and start to move it…THEN have to stop, hit undo, zoom in, and strategically grab the freaking symbol to actually move it and not just relocate the grip. So bloody frustrating…

Hi Jim, it appears we have introduced a selection bug with our recent group rework. I have logged this in our bug tracking system.

As you have described, what is happening is when click dragging a group, the gizmo is being selected and that is moving or being rotated as a result. This did not occur in 2017. Unfortunately we do not provide a way to turn the gizmo off, but I hope to provide a few ways to minimize frustration.

Select the group first then move - By highlighting the group first you can quickly see when the ‘Move’ icon appears so that you will not inadvertently transform using the ‘Hand’ or ‘Rotate’ grip on the gizmo.

Esc Key - If the gizmo is accidentally selected, in 2018 pressing the escape key will now cancel the operation while preserving the selection. So an undo is not needed.

I am sorry for the frustration this has caused you.


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