Rotate grain

good afternoon, I would like to know how you can rotate the grain of the texture with a single click but at the same time modify its direction in the cutting optimizer

Textures are applied to individual objects with the ‘material’ attribute in DC’s, not on faces, so they’re a bit hard to control.

However, when you apply a material inside the object and change the direction and then remove the material in the material panel or replace it with the default (actually get rid of) in the entity panel, it ‘remembers’ the UV map (direction/scale).

Any material that you then apply on the object itself will inherit those properties.

Check this post:

Now, depending on how you have set up your DC, this would work for DC’s as well.
Not sure how it will impact when scaling, though. Might need an additional material swatch component inside the DC with a formula to redraw automatically.

Best to post an example file.

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