Rotate and protractor tool: enter angle as ratio/pitch?

Is there a setting or extension for this? Does anyone know some snappy ways to accomplish this?
My current method: Draw a line at 12" then a perpendicular line at whatever rise/run I’m looking for, in this case, 4" per foot.

block 2

I’ll also use normal lines to set up the angle.

type in 4:12

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You can input a ratio with the protractor and the rotated rectangle tool .
Note the input in the measurement window.

Ratio input

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And if you want to dimension the angle or slope in SU rather than Layout, there are two extensions on the SketchUcation Plugin Store:
Angular Dimension 2 and Slope Markers.

This link SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation will take you to a page that includes both of them.

See this page for more information about Angular Dimension 2

and this one for more information about Slope Markers

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Thanks! I use them both and featured slope marker in the gif.

Good links for anyone who stumbles across this topic!

Sorry, I didn’t previously watch your original GIF.

Glad you already have Slope Marker.

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If you go to this page of SketchUp Help:

and scroll down, you will see this text:

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Learning new things every day!