Rosette in Brass



Is that a print or a drawing? It looks so real I can’t tell !


It’s a rendering … here’s another one:



Nice ! ! How big is it ?


It’s 2" in diameter … but it can be scaled to any size, of course.


Do you have the skp file ? As I would like to see how close my 3D printer can make it , , I have the Sketchup Make 2016 version as I am one of the poor people after I get a business running and can afford the full version I will get it . . Will make the first one of PLA as I have better luck with running it . . . . Have had problems with ABS and it getting stuck in feeding tubes


I’m afraid that this won’t print very well at all on your machine. However, here’s another one in the Warehouse that can be 3D printed (you might need to increase the relative thickness to get a better result). Note that it’s about 244" in diameter … you will need to scale it down to a suitable size.

[added] Here’s a MakerBot print run using 0.1mm vertical resolution:


I LIKE THIS ONE BETTER . . has more stuff to it all the little parts on the ends almost looks like a door bell type of a design button in middle . . says 4 in the guess it is page or answers back box ( last of the pic’s in this line )


I won’t be able to provide that one until next year … if you can wait until January 2, I’ll post it in a form that you can print (I’m out of town and don’t have remote access to my computer).


No problem as my 3D printer is waiting for parts to arrive ! Small Allen set screw broke and cant get it out so have to get a new heater bock . .


Here it is on a bathroom mirror:

[added] As processed by MakerBot:


Thanks for the item will be testing it out as soon as the heater block arrives ( I have to have both connected for the printer to run )