Roofs on sketchup

Is it possible for the main roof angles to be different with the small roof angle on the same building?

With SketchUp, anything is possible :wink:

Well done sir

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Everything is possible if you do it with LOVE!
Just kidding, it’s actually very easy, I was going to share the video of the live stream of Aaron but he himself did it first.

There are also plug-ins to create different kind of roofs but if you’re a beginner it’s better to learn how to do it just with native tools.

fine i will but will love to know the plugin as well

Beside, how do you calculate the angle of a roof?

Roof angles are denoted by pitch. 4 12 is four inches of rise for every 12 inches of run.

From Google search: roof pitch.

And the pitch (example 4 rise / 12 run) can be entered as 4:12 when applaying the ‘Protractor’ tool as follows: starting with a protractor center click and a second click on the same height. Third click on an arbitrary location higher, then entering 4:12 [Enter]

There are a lot of plug-ins to create roofs, now come to my mind instant roof and TIG Roof.