Pitched roofs

How do you draw a pitched roof in SchetchUp?

The exact method depends on what level of detail you are after. Could you provide some specifics about what you are wanting to achieve and maybe show us what you’ve got?

You might also find it worthwhile to go through the Fundamentals.

Dave is right, that is a very open ended question.
At its most basic you just draw two rectangles at the correct angle, but that doesn’t take into account, thickness, rafters, tiles, insulation, overhang, eaves, guttering etc etc etc
Which part do you need help with. Remember, there is nothing magic about any shapes, they are all just edges and faces.
Here is the standard lift the centre line on the blue axis roof.

Thank you. I see how to do that. How do you know the pitch of the roof angle?

What do you mean?
How do I know what pitch the roof should be
I know the pitch I want, how do I draw it?

If you need to set the roof pitch to something specific, there are several ways to do it. If you know the pitch, say 4:12, you can use the Protractor tool to place a guideline at that pitch by typing it in. If you have it as an angle as Box would likely use, you can set the guideline at that angle.

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Former Pro user but I’ve been gone from SketchUp for a while and have been trying out the free web version. I’m trying to use the protractor like you are doing to draw a guide for a pitched roof. Problem is the protractor selects the group and wants to move everything instead of drawing a guide. Is this a bug? I did get it to work a couple of times though…

Not a bug. You’re selecting the Rotate tool, not the Protractor tool.

Rotate tool:
Screenshot - 7_22_2022 , 1_17_29 PM

Protractor tool:
Screenshot - 7_22_2022 , 1_17_03 PM

I am a dummy. Thanks Dave!

Nah. Just out of practice.

You’re welcome.