Compass tool for roof



Roof pitch is 35 degrees pitch and I’ve put compass on left hand corner pressed in centre and drawn the line to bottom and degrees says 180. If I put the green compass on the corner of each upper end the intersection above gives pitch. Why isn’t it 35 as in measurement box?


It would help if you could use something like Licecap to record what you are actually doing so that we can see for ourselves. Your description does not make it sufficiently clear, I’m afraid.


As @simoncbevans observed, the image you posted doesn’t actually help much with understanding your question. What roof? All I see in the image is a rectangle, a couple of dimensions, a slanted guide, and part of a green compass! I have no clue where you clicked to get the values and issues you are asking about, nor what you were trying to accomplish.


Doesn’t matter if it’s just a line I’m showing you, the question really is:
How does the compass tool work?
So take the line using left or right corner. Click it find mid point. Draw a line as reference. Repeat same for both ends. Notice lower right box tells me a minus 1 even though I did angle 35 degrees and pressed enter.
Had to use a protractor to check the angles. 35 + 55 + 90 = 180. Something not right when the inputs are not persisting. Do I have to physically use a protractor to check my work?


Click to set the center of rotation, click to set the base line, click to set the angle (or type and hit edit).

The measurement displayed isn’t -0.1 that symbol is a tilde and means that the displayed angle is an approximation as you haven’t set the angle precision to be fine enough for it to display fully.
I doubt what is displaying is related to the actual guides shown, unless you moved one after first setting it, it’s more likely to be an accidental couple of clicks after, but we can only guess from your image.


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