Curved Gable Roof

Hello. I am somewhat new to sketchup and am trying to design a hunting cabin for a school project. I am playing with different roofs and wanted to make a gable roof that pitched back. For reference, the area the roof will be covering is 10’x8’ and the roof is running long ways on the 10’ side. The highest point of the roof is 4’ past the 10’ mark and it 8’ 4 13/16". The lowest point is 7’. Does anyone know how to make this roof work? Attached is a picture of the cabin without the pitched roof. I hope the picture helps provide a better understanding of what I want.

To help achieve your goals, some time spent at the SketchUp Campus and at the SketchUp - YouTube channel will be very worthwhile. Both sites are from the SketchUp team. On the YouTube channel, pay attention to the Square One Series and Level UP series. They cover the basics for each tool.

But I don’t know which tool I need to use to make this work and I don’t really have the time to search through every video for me to possibly not find the answer. Can you either be more specific on which tool to look into or give me an answer on how to to do it?

You can just move it with the move tool select the edge on the middle of the roof pick a point ant hit the up arrow so the movement gets locked on the blue axis, then type the distance you want to move and hit enter.

Are you working with groups and components or everything is just loose geometry?

Everything is in groups. I have tried doing that but it makes it weird. It splits the side into 2 parts which them proves difficult when trying to push/pull it to get the desired thickness. I need the bottom of the roof to stay even going across while the top changes elevation but that means the roof would have to do this weird curve.

Your description doesn’t make sense to me.

Can you sketch on your screenshot what you are trying to do?

And go to:

There is no one tool to achieve a particular result. In SketchUp there are likely 3-4 different ways to model the same thing.

And since this is for a school project, hopefully your class is also considering how it will be built?


I am not expecting people to search for the right tool for me. I am hoping that there is someone that may have dealt with something similar and may have a little insight on what to do. Thanks for wasting your time with a stupid reply.

They kind of care about how it is being built but mainly how it looks. I am a construction major with architect professors. The image is an attempt to solve my problem. I hoped this provides more clarity. I will also checkout what you attached.


I also have trouble understanding what a curved gable roof might be, but it’s a vocabulary problem on my side, not sure what it should look like :slight_smile:
Judging by your sketch, you could either do it by hand or using an extension by fredo6 named Curviloft

from that state

you could either create the shape line by line

once softened, it looks like a clean transition from the high pointy side to the low curved one.

it works with pretty much any shape, an hexagon to a 17-gon ? sure. a square to a circle ? same.

Curviloft does it pretty much auto : select the contour of the shape you with to create (both sides plus bottom) and play with the settings.

Both ways, all you have to create are both extremities of the roof. then it’s face-time.


because Runnelsc201 uses a pro licence.

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judging by your profile, you shouldn’t post on the pro forum at all, as you appear not to have a pro licence.
no need to be a duck toward people asking for help.

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Someone beat me to it… but you could use the native drawing tools.

Or use curviloft to create 1/2 the roof, Fredo Joint PushPull Thickener.
Then solid tools to clip and clean the ends and the middle up, then mirror and union them together if you want them to be one piece.

The trick is to make it larger than it needs to be then trim it plumb.

But since this is a class project I would do what ateliernab shows and learn to connect the lines to create the faces. And I would think about how you would build that…

Thanks you guys a lot. I am going to try some of what you guys have said. I’m not sure if it will work and honestly, it being curved may just be wrong. When I was trying to make it, it looked like it might have been curved but it probably isn’t. Both sides of the roof need to be pointed. Someone I know mentioned just rotating it and see if that works. You guys have given me a lot of good ideas though. If you would like, I’ll post the final design of the cabin in this post for you to see what I came up with. Once again, thanks for taking time out of your day to help me.

So it’s just a gable roof with different heights?
You don’t need a plugin to do that, here are some ways to do it.

Is that what you need to do?
If so, ,just the move tool has you covered.

No, the OP was asking for a gable roof with a leak on one end, then a rounded peak at a the other… if you look at @bmike post, you can see what the ask was for.

I thought that but then he wrote this. :point_down:t3:

Yes, please post your result. At first, I thought you wanted a gable at both ends, but as the thread progressed it seemed you wanted to transition from a gable to perhaps a gambrel. No matter what you decide to do, varying the pitch of a gable roof along its length means the surface will not be flat as you found out for yourself. Here’s a roof with two gable ends and a bit of curvature in between:


gable.skp (104.0 KB)

Perhaps the OP was asking for a curved ridge line? All done just with line and circle tool.

Curved Gable Roof.skp (213.1 KB)

CarolynF I think has it the best. Thank you so much for the help. I will post the final result of the cabin once I finish it today.


According to your information:

Rotating the base gives you a more curves facetted surface:

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For anyone interested, here are some axons of the finished massing model with the fixed roofs. If you guys have any other tips on how to make this cabin look better and don’t mind taking time out of your day to help, then feel free to reply to this message. Anything is appreciated. Thank you all for the help.
image image
image image

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Is this going to be built in real life or a scaled model?