Roof Pitch/Slope in fractions of 12


I would like to design my roof slopes/pitches in fractions of 12, i.e. 1/4:12; 2:12; 6:12. Is there any way to do this? My industry, Pre-engineered metal buildings in the United States is completely set up to use roof slopes/pitches that are set up this way and I would like to stay similar to that system. I was hoping for a ruby script/extension that does this automatically.



The rotated rectangle tool does this and the protractor can layout these pitches too.




Thanks a lot for the reply. I guess I didn’t know that I could enter ratios instead of degrees for the angle guide tool and the rotating square tool. Learn something everyday, I hope. That said, this works for integer ratios, i.e. 6:12 and decimal ratios, i.e. 0.5:12, but it does not work for fractional ratios, even when one specifies inches, thus 1/2:12 or 1/2":12" do not work. I am hoping somebody has done a robust ruby script which addresses this.



I’m not saying yours isn’t a valid request but wouldn’t it be easier to type .5:12 instead of typing the fraction?


Another way is to make a Dynamic Component as in the attached. You can type any length or height into the Component Options dialog and it will resize accordingly. You can use it to form a rectangular roof slope, or as a plane to infer your more complex roof outline to.slope1.skp (11.3 KB)
(Do not open the attachment, import it)



It is simpler to type .5:12 than 1/2:12, but .25:12 is a tossup with 1/4:12 and .375:12 loses to 3/8:12. However the industry refers to 1/2:12; 1/4;12 or 3/8:12. Oh the joys of fractional inches versus metric.



Sounds like good brain exercise. Keep you fresh. 1:24, 4:48, 1.5:48… :smiley:


You can also just draw any pitch in about 2 seconds. Even something like 6 7/64:12.