Percent slope line drawing


Hi, is there a quick way to draw lines at a percent slope? I need to draw a line 5m long at 2% slope. I could draw a 2 rise over 100 run line and clip it to 5 meters, but was wondering if there is a quicker way to do this.


The rotate tool allows you to enter angles as either degrees or pitch. You can enter 4:12 for a four in twelve roof pitch or 2:100 for a two percent slope. You can rotate objects or set guidelines this way.


Thanks RTCool. That worked well.

Is there a list of options available as to what can be entered in the input box for example 2% or 2P etc other than 2:100? Maybe a list explaining all types of inputs available for measuring various objects. Thanks.


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You’re welcome


I tried 2% as an experiment. It does something, but the result is different from 2:100. Not sure what it’s doing.

Edit: Looks like it interpreted 2% as 2°


Measurements Box Quick Reference — SketchUp Help


Try 1:2 for a 45 degree rotate. Works for me.


You mean 1:1, actually, for 45°, yes?


Doh, yes I do!