Roof construction - slope walls

I want to design a pent roof, which is 2,60 m high (begin of house) at the entrance area and 4,50 m at the living room (end of house). This causes that my walls (36.5 cm outer walls, 11.5 cm inner walls) have different inside and outside heights.
I already designed the house including all walls, can I still attach my pent roof?

You can pushpull the walls through the roof surface and use an intersection to get rid of the unneeded parts.

Hi Cotty,
thanks for your fast reply. Is an intersection possible in the web-version? I use the free web version only :cry:

Intersect is available. Select the items you want to intersect and then right-click and move to intersect option.

Thank you so much!

Nothing to be sad about. The free version is designed for hobbyists like yourself. It’s very capable.

I note in your screenshot some Z-fighting on the deck outside the sliding doors. Might want to deal with that.

Sorry for the stupid question, but what is a Z-fighting?
I have to learn sooo much :exploding_head:

Z-fighting occurs when two faces are so close together that the graphics card can’t figure out which one is supposed to be in front of the other. When that happens the graphics card winds up displaying both of them. It looks like the surface is flickering as you orbit. Generally getting rid of one of those faces is the solution.