Roju's Made with Sketchup Gallery

Today I want to show You the dominant I designed in SketchUp. This is only a small part of the project I worked in 2011 with PPW Fort Architects. Entire project covered also Exhibition and Convention Center in Gdansk (Poland). I hope You like it.


Today I want to show You my grandparents house located in Lithuania. Modeled in SketchUp, rendered with Vray.


Very nice. I’m not sure I understand how the color textures were done, particularly brick patterns and banding.

With “Project photo”, then “Make Unique Texture” on particular face.

Similar like here:

Hmm. I use “Project Photo” all the time, but it usually brings in all the flaws of the photo, like shadows at the time and bushes in front of the building. Yours looks so perfect. I guess I don’t follow what “Make Unique Texture” does in this case. I have photographed a sample of the wall covering and turned that into a repeating pattern texture.

Here’s a sample of a Match Photo model I did of an existing building, and turned into a physical model. The photos include all the flaws as mentioned.

In this case this technique was perfect. There was no shadows, and all walls are same.


Ahh, yes. Very good. Thanks.

These are chairs I modeled with SketchUp too.


Hi, today I want to show You some images I made in SketchUp for scientific article presented on eCAADe conference about kinetic building skins.


I made these images without any purpose, just playing with components and Vray.


@robertjuch, for some reason, when I try this it’s not working. I create a rectangle for a portion I want to repeat, right click and select Make Unique, and the texture for that portion just goes to white.

I should start a new thread to ask around.

Nice metal material on the stairs :slight_smile:

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Working on my new video tutorial for YT. Skyscraper modeled with 7 unique components. Rendered with Vray 3.8


For several days I am using fantastic GPU render for Sketchup (Enscape). Render time is incredible (full hd picture is rendering only few seconds 4-5s).


amazing great work i love 3d printing


nice workkkk

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Have you had to.mess around with very much to get these results?
It looks very balanced and natural.
How about the texturing?

I had a short play with enscape. Once installed, I had the options come available in SU to add light sources. However I can’t say these showed up immediately when I created the enscape render. -just be more to it as I saw nothing at all…

Final q: what kind of pc you rocking to render so quickly!? Great stuff.

I can describe this in few steps

  1. I opened old SketchUp file
  2. In enscape settings turned: chromatic Aberration, Depth of Field, Two point Perspective, Outlines 1%.
  3. In materials added some additional words: plastic, metal, chrome, glass etc. (without emissive)
  4. Changed sun position with Shift+RMB in enscape
  5. Saved few views.

That’s all.

My computer GPU Gtx 980 ti and CPU i7 4790K

I think I am going to give it a go (Enscape) on the 2 week free trial. Have you tried out any of the VR stuff yet?

No, but I think it should be awesome :slight_smile:

In few minutes I am going to prepare simple scene and record short video, to show how it works.