Roadway project-Tunnel with off axis intersecting planes - difficult to sketch

Greenbelt tunnel plans.pdf (249.3 KB)

Thanks for taking a look. I use SketchUp to do shop drawings and models for civil projects that we are constructing. The models shortcut the “getting up to speed” process and lead into building component list for speed of construction. I recently ran into a situation where there where so many off axis planes that I had to throw in the towel and go to the figure it out in the field method. We finally got it, but not as efficiently as would have been possible with a model.
I have a model that is about 75% that I would be happy to post if would help. Would be willing to pay for some tutoring to get the model completed just for my own education. We run into these types of projects quite often. Thanks Rob

That would help greatly. If you run into size problem with size limits on this form you can zip it of upload to sharing site like drop box etc and post link here so it can be found

Attached is the sketchip model for the tunnel. Most of it is complete. The difficult part is radius ceiling of the tunnel that follows the sloping roof and ties into the thickened section. The thick section in the middle is a lower section of the lid for utilities to pass thru. Thanks again hope this helps

Bike Path Shoring.skp (135.9 KB)

Thanks for the skp file but have some questions:
Did you try and move drawing axis when you have the issue with the complexity. You have the option of moving both the component and the drawing axis; There are limits on the number of active section planes while in a component edit mode
Form what you post it appears you will have a north and south abatement walls and the windows wall in-between with dimension per section A-A ??
What tool have you tried to model the windows? Have you tried a 3rd order Bezier ?
What changes are allowed of the widow design or are changes now out of the question?

Thanks for taking a look. The design is set in stone as it is a state highway project. I have not changed the axis. I have seen that it is possible, but have not attempted yet. The main difficulty comes at trying to draw the arched ceiling at a 45 to the axis while at the same same sloping it in the vertical direction. Note the top of the walls are not flat, but slope. Does that make sense?

Hi Rob, hi folks.

Click in sequence on the scene tabs of this SU file for ideas.


Tunnel with sloped roof and angled front.skp (136.7 KB)

Jean, that is amazing, I love the way you put the different steps in scenes. Also building everything square first and cutting the 45 later keeps the push pull functioning. Thanks again. I will study each scene some more and see if I can reproduce

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