Road markings

How to make road markings ?
straights and curves

Draw a rectangle.
Paint it your colour of choice.
Double click.
Right click, Make Component.
Move it, say, 10 cm. Without deactivating the tool, type 10x (or whatever number). With curves, use the Arc tool

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You can simply draw as any other objects.

Or some pre - made e.g.:

Search for road marking | 3D Warehouse (

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Vali architects extension “instant road” also comes with a little palette of markings

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dromos16m kentro.skp (1.0 MB)
In my opinion instant road is a little crude, not very customizeable and also expensive. If you are willing to ‘study’ a bit I would highly recomend profile builder. It does not have ready made roads and it has a -comparatively- steep learning curve but once you get the hang of it you can create anything you want -from handrails to roads to entire house-rows with the click of a button.
I attach an assembly of of a simple road. (it can only be used with profile builder)

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Thank you for your opinion. I have the Profile builder…
Could you suggest me a tutorial how to make the curve markings ?

Found this video

Good! you found it yourself!
I don’t know how well you know profile builder but I would suggest you invest in learning it well. (using sub-assemblies and all). It is probably the most versatile tool for design in sketchup.

Yeah it’s a great tool (once you get the hang of it!)

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