SuperNewb - how to make a line using Make 2017

Embarrassing, but how do you create a line with the pencil? It only makes an edge. How do you make a line visible? Tried paint bucket and push/pull tool.

Secondarily, how do you make a change to the line thickness?

Also, how do you make a line curve? I guess I need specifics on the tool or click because I’m missing it in instructions and this help page is NOT helpful because I don’t get those views shown (

Sorry, feel like I’m doing some more advanced tasks, but missing this most basic understanding.

My apologies if there was a better category I could have posted this.

That’s the Help page for LayOut…

SU works quite a bit differently…


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SketchUp is a surface modeler. As such, the “lines” you create are edges used to define the limits of faces.

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