Creating poly lines in SketchUp Make

I use SketchUp Make 2017 and often generate curves by plotting points and connecting them with line segments. I would like to install and use Weld to turn them into polylines. Can I do this, and if so, how?

Select the connecting edges > right click on the selection > select Weld Edges in the right click context menu that appears.

Oops, you talked about SketchUp Make. An extention is needed. See @DaveR’s reply below.

So no extention needed (in SketchUp Web versions)
(The SketchUp Web versions don’t enable installing extentions)

You can install Weld from the Extension Warehouse. Go to Window>Extension Warehouse, search for it and install it. Then restart SketchUp to make sure it is loaded.

You could also use FredoSpline (from Sketchucation) to just draw a polyline when you connect your plotted points.

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