Weld polylines, to make a follow me without hems

I’m looking to extrude a circle along multiple polylines.
A line + 1 quarter circle then on another plane another quarter circle… Visually, my polylines are contiguous. But the order of the points is not necessarily the correct one.
Is there a curviloft-style node to create a welded curve with the points in the correct order and then loft copies of a profile according to the normals of the created curve?

I could go through the import of a welded curve made in Sketchup, but I want to keep the possibility of dynamically setting the lengths and the radii of curvature.

I’m trying to reproduce my dynamic grid component:

Thank you for your feedback

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hello my friend
great that’s cool, I’m interested in the answers too
can you link your graph please comrade :sweat_smile: :innocent:

here is the link of the graph


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Hey team,

Love that you are already exploring this!

A couple of quick notes (and things for us to expose through documentation) on things I changed to make the graph work:

  • “weld” operates on mesh primitives only.
  • To join curves, use “join curves”, I also had to set the threshold to a higher number to ensure they did actually join.
  • I changed how copy using vectors was used a bit and the orientation of the circle that is placed along it.
  • Copy using vectors can be tricky with curves and just using the normals/tangents of curves. I included two loft options, one that uses tangents/binormals, and another that does some extra math to calculate up vectors in a different way so that they don’t flip/twist (like binormals do).

Hello Keith!
The little French are fast! :rocket: :fr:
Thank you for the modification of the graph, I will ardently look into it to integrate everything well!
Please don’t stray too far, as more questions may arise!
I wish you a good weekend !