Add cap to loft

Is there a way to add caps at both ends of a loft ?
like in -Loft 2 lines w curve- Trimble Creator

or make a solid loft ??

Hello Mario
To create plugs, there is no boolean type option!
One possibility is to duplicate the end of your graph by replacing the circle with a full disk, and test if it is the first or the last copy, “switch” on the full disk, otherwise “switch” on a node “null”. You must activate the “use iterator” of the “copy using vector” node.
Here is an image of the graph:

And the link.

Surely there is another way!

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Merci bien, Simon.
I notice that circle by mesh displays a radius line. So I changed to circle by polyline and added triang-2d path.

Changed the flat caps for flat domes.
2 questions still :
Is there a -hidden- node? I want to hide (remove) the circle at each end of the loft.
I use -points to curve- at the transition of straight rails: Loft produces wrinkles in these curves, twisting the longitudinal edges. Is there a way to tell it to keep them vertical. Say the topmost vertex at start stays topmost all the way to the end ? Like extension -Pipe Along Path- does.

Hello Mario
There is no node or node option yet to manage the display of edges.
Here is a link to a discussion on the subject and a workaround while waiting for a cleaner solution
Extrude your face with a height of 0


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I will surely use that trick sometime, but I do not see how it can apply to a loft, since, in this case, the circle cannot have a face to extrude.
Waiting for a node. :thinking:

Hi Mario,
In the case of capping, seems like you’ve found a way to do so (nice solution Simon!). For flat caps, I tend to this little trick here where I use a triangulated section of the loft and a mesh boundary node to do the actual lofting. Then, just grabbing the end pieces of the originally copied sections to cap the loft.

Example: Trimble Creator

As for the display lines there, while we will work on the visualization of lines etc. in the future - these ones in particular are because the geometry is still considered as individual primitives and therefore are not welded together (they’ll be considered as different components within SketchUp within the overall Live Component). To remedy this, use a combine meshes node and weld vertices (see the above graph for an example).

The wrinkles in the loft is an interesting problem - this will be because of the up vectors input vectors. While the normals input dictates the direction the copied geometry, the up vectors determine the rotation (up direction) of the geometry around the normals vector axis. We can adjust the ‘style’ of the loft (as well as fix the “wrinkles”) by playing with the normals and up vectors.

See this graph for an example: Trimble Creator

Take note to how the up vectors input for both examples are a single vector (0,0,1) so as to keep the up vectors consistent. Have a play around with different up vector values to see their effects.

The copy using vectors node is a bit of a interesting case of sacrificing intuitive usage for customizability. We have a couple ideas to improve it (like having a specific node for “follow along” type operations among many others), though if anyone has some ideas of their own, feel free to let us know!