Follow Me with 2 lines, or on non planar surface

I need to follow me a shape on a non planar surface. The back plane i need to follow is made of compound curves, and i need the trim shape to follow this plane.


I think Fredo has a plugin for this called loft (or something similar).

If it’s the one I think you mean, it’s called CurviLoft.

It needs the Fredo6Lib plugin installed first.

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That’s the one! The function is simply called Loft in Rhino.

I did try CurviLoft to no avail. I need the back plane of the shape to stay perpendicular to the Z axis. When i use curviloft i get mixed results. I can use Skin Contours in the Curviloft program to create a plane between the two lines (or soap bubble plugin). Although, when i use the Loft along path function i get similar results to Follow Me tool. I’m not able to specify a line to stay planar to an axis, and i could not find any other settings that would get the shape to follow the plane.

Any other ideas?

You might try eneroth’s upright extruder and see if that does what you want.

Have you tried @eneroth3’s own plugin Upright Extrude? It works like FollowMe, except it doesn’t rotate round the path.

But that still might not do what you want - though I admit I’m still not totally clear what that is…

There’s also Profile Builder to try ($) - the free version won’t extrude custom profiles. I don’t know if there’s a free trial period for the Pro version.

Thanks slbaumgartner for the suggestion. I tried her plugin, although it stops extruding once it hit’s a line that veers off in a third axis.

Hi John,

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try profile builder and report.

Can you attach the model so we can try ourselves rather than just guessing.

Of course! attached here.
Thanks for all the help so far.

Trim.skp (158.4 KB)

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