Lane Marks with Profile


I have been trying to take advantage of PB 3 to create some line marks on a highway along lines, arcs, etc.
Some plein, some dashed.

Is there any possibility to create a 2D profile o some sort of assembly to achieve this goal?

I do not want 3D objects to be used as road line marks.

Thank you in advance fir any suggestion.

Depending on the level of detail you need, you might be able to use two images on a quadrilateral for the line markings - one with solid centre or lane lines, and one without. Place them alternately to follow the road edges.

Or just use 2D rectangle components for the line itself, placed a little above the road surface to avoid X-fighting. Can’t remember if PB3 will allow you to string 2D objects along a path?

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Alas, I cannot use a texture for the highway because if the lanes irregularly.
As far as I know there is no possibility to use 2D profiles in PB 3.

Or, I hope I have been missing something.

If not I think I will have to use a 3D profile and erase parts keeping only flat face and fir dashed lines a 3D component to be adjusted afterward to 2D face.

Or perhaps there should be other tricks?


I have got it.

Could you precise, please?

I did not know that it can be used fir line marks.

Thank you

I haven’t used it for that purpose but this page shows striping details

If you select a face for a profile, it becomes 3D.
If you select a single edge, it becomes a face 2D.
If you apply a texture to it, you can create roads and stuff.



I do thank all of you.
You make my day.

Best regards.

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