Ridge Tiles

I try to make ridge tiles like this foto. Bur I can’t get
it right. Can someone tell how to do this. I tried Follow me
etc. but it does not work.

Thanks in advance

Basics of SketchUp at Campus - learn.sketchup.com

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Thanks mihai.s for your help. It does work. I have some other questions.
How can I make this ridge half pipe (half of a cylinder) and I would like to
have on both end a round edge like the picture. Is this possible in Sketchup?

Thanks in advance.
Rounded end

Start by gooing through the tutorials at the link provided by @mihai.s

Use half a circle for the Folllow Me path instead of a circle.

Draw the cross section of the tile with the rounded end and use Follow Me.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? There is no SketchUp for Schools 2015 as you put in your forum profile. Sharing the right information with us helps us help you.

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Thanks for your reply. I made a mistake I use SketchUp 2021.
I will also follow the lessons but it is time consuming. In
the meantime I tries this but does not work what I’am dong

Thanks in advance.
Round edge1

Fix your forum profile. Are you using a cracked version?

I don’t see anything wrong. Looks like Follow Me did what you asked it to do. The first segment of the path is not perpendicular to the profile so Follow Me projects the profile perpendicular and the end of the extrusion ends perpendicular to the last segment of the path.

If you are trying to model an end ridge tile, draw the profile more as shown here. Think about what the bottom edge of the real tile would look like. You didn’t model that.

If you look carefully, the first and last segments on your path are not vertical.

As pointed by DaveR, the Follow me Tool projected the profile so that this profile was perpendicular to the first segment of the path before following it.

There are two possibilities:

1 - Add vertical edges at both ends of the path, do the Follow Me then delete unwanted parts.

2 - Use a full circle as the path, do the Follow Me, then delete the bottom half of the result.

You need to cut your profile in half also, so it is also a half circle. Right now you’ve modeled the profile including rounded underside which is also messing things up. Then align the center of yhat with the center of the follow me arc.

Thanks all for your help. Indeed my model was not perpendicular
To the [rofile. I have changed this now and it works.

Again thanks for your help.