RfE: switch Select Tool in Move Mode while Entities selected

this would greatly improve the workflow moving objects by simply selecting them and then drag’ndrop them around without the need to select the move tool before.

Don’t know that it’s possible:
If I am in the selection mode and drag, I expect a selection box to select everything I outline in the drag (or everything the bounding box crosses if I drag the other way).
If I use [shift] while dragging, I expect the selection to be added or subtracted from the existing selection. If I use [ctrl] I expect things to be added…

If I am in the move mode and drag, I expect the starting click to be the start point and the release to be the end point. Using [ctrl] I expect to produce a copy and [shift] I expect to constrain.

I don’t see how the mode can be anticipated without a keystroke or button click: just now “m” for move and [space] for select.


I think if you just [space] to go back to your selection tool
(just switching tools will not unselect the selected elements)
then select more. (with Shift, Ctrl, Alt)
Then [m] for move tool again.
Carry on.

the select tool would simply need to snap to the control points etc. same as the move tool whereas if being in the wild, i.e. nothing around to snap to, a selection bounding box would be created.

if you wanna see how this works at least in 2D, check the trial of DraftBoard Pro f. Win.

Not in favor of this idea.


using Move without pre-selection does most of what you seem to want…

I think your proposal would be detrimental to the ease of use already available…


I see what you mean; cant say I’m a fan, but I would get used to it.

I think that it would play to the “drag” culture rather than the current “click, move, click” - and that’s a culture that many beginners have to be broken of to get the best out of the program.

Personally I get really annoyed by the rotation handles in the move tool getting in the way of what I’m doing - I can imagine that I would get just as annoyed (or even more so) if things started moving about when I just wanted to select.