RfE: Make Version: configurable Trial of Pro-Version



for avoiding confusion of and anoyances for Make users, the Make version should not run the first 30 days automatically as a trial of the Pro version but allow to enable/disable the trial of the Pro via the “Help > License…” menu.

To avoid a timed activation for using Pro features as e.g. DXF/DWG import/export according to demand, the Pro trial could be activated only once, i.e. if running the Pro trial and disabling the Pro features (w/ double check) the trial period should be terminated finally.


I’ve always thought that for a new or even inexperienced user of Sketchup, it is a complete waste of the limited period of using Pro to have it at the beginning of one’s first use of Sketchup itself - Layout is unlikely to make any sense to a new user who is still learning the basics of drawing.

Wouldn’t it be better to allow the user to choose when switch to a trial of Pro, after gaining experience in using basic Sketchup, THEN have the trial run for a limited period?

As far as I remember, once you’ve downloaded Make and installed it, after the first 30 days you can’t restart the trial on the same computer - the install date is remembered somewhere obscure, and retained even after you uninstall the program.


which describes the feature request I already made above…

which is obviously required to do multiple/endless ‘trials’ at least on the same system.


I have a similar tho different situation , after some months ,and a lot to do, I think I need LAYOUT ,to map out my preliminary drawings, so ,I to have to get the PRO as there is no free or cheep entry to LAYOUT, overall I think it is much better to have reduced priced programs ,low income or no pro ( not versions) so each part of a program is available…a bit like most of the extensions . ,Jon… I was not aware of the inport export , reduced version may be considered a marketing ploy , and that is NOT design.,


Make discontinued w/ version 2017.