Revit Importer - wireframe on any 'style' other than monochrome

We have Pro licenses but I am trying out the 30-day Studio trial to test the Revit Importer. Sounds great on paper but when I import the 2022 .rvt file, SketchUp displays a wireframe model in all styles other than monochrome. Has anyone had this issue?

If you check the applied material, what is its opacity?

Thanks, Mihai
Appears to be default material across the model and material editing parameters are frozen out

It seems that some materials are not imported correctly when a Template view is used in Revit: the opacity is set to 0. This could be the issue.
We will publish a fix ASAP.


Could you share your Revit model?


Thanks, Jacques
As this is an office project I would need to check with the bosses first. I suspect it may be the way we use Revit. As a designer, I will typically develop the SD and DD model in SketchUp and use that for the basis of a Lumion rendering. Our PA’s take my SketchUp model info to create an entirely separate Revit model purely for CD’s and don’t necessarily take the time to add material info unless it affects code etc
I can chat with my PA and see if there is anything we need to change in the Revit 3D view that the importer is referencing