Revit Import - Loads of components missing

I’m trying to import a Revit model to sketchup that has a lot of reinforcement within the outer concrete. When it pulls into Sketchup none of it is there, just the shell.

I’m not a massive user of Revit… it’s the format the construction model is in. I can see the rebar in the model on Revit, so I know it’s there…

Anyone got any suggestions…?



And… It appears that Revit 2024 files are not supported in Sketchup… Any idea when this might change as I can’t do anything to the model to make it work in Sketchup…

Can you share a link to the Revit Model (and Revit links)?

Alas, No.

Due to the nature of the project I’m not allowed.

Make sure everything is visible in the {3D} view in Revit , than save.
Check if the rebar isn’t in a linked file.
The latest version of the importer is able to import RVT 2024 files.
Might wanna check for updates in the extension manager.

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Revit also has a level of detail setting that might turn off rebar in an “architectural” view.

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SU says they’re all up to date…

I’m reinstalling Revit 2023 to see if that helps as when I update the file to 2024, as it demands, anything saved gets bounced by SU… says the file type isn’t supported…

I thought it might be that I needed to right click and activate the view before saving then try to open that in SU, but it wouldn’t let me with 2024 files…

That message also pops up with older RVT files, btw.

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Oh…ok… Do we know what causes it and how to not cause it?

And now I can’t get access to the extensions warehouse… drop down and button do nothing…


Warehouse link worked this morning… I’ve installed the latest version of the Revit installer and it still won’t import 2024 versions.

I’ve downloaded Revit 2023 and activated the view of the overall model that lets you click on rebar elements and see the details of what they are etc. but it still just imports the concrete outline and nothing else.