Revisiting Sketchup, encountered several basic problems

I used the free version of sketchup several years ago and cannot open any of the saved projects. Now I am attempting to use the free web version of sketchup and cannot open some simple projects I did 1.5 years ago. And lastly, can you use the 2D version of sketchup within the web version?

Can you share one of your old .skp files so we can see what you are working with?

What is this “2D version of Sketchup” to which you are referring? Are you talking about LayOut? If so that comes with SketchUp Pro like it always has.

DaveR. Thanks for the reply. Be glad to share. What should I do, and go slow because I’m not a techie ::-).

My drawing needs are fairly basic, so I have always used the free version of Sketchup. I was viewing a Sketchup tutorial and it mentioned starting and practicing in 2D mode rather than 3D. That’s why I asked about 2D.

You can upload a .skp file by dragging and dropping it into a reply here. Pick one that’s a problem to open but isn’t too huge.

There isn’t a 2D mode per se. You would always start by drawing a 2D shape which would then generally be extruded or otherwise turned into a 3D shape. If you want to just draw in 2D, don’t do anything to make the thing 3D. Seems like not the greatest tutorial if they are telling you to learn SketchUp by only drawing in 2D, though.

mel’s media stand.skp (73.6 KB)

OK, I think I dragged a file over. This was created in 2011.

I’ve heard this from a couple of people lately, and I’ve watched Tyson and others teach a live class, where they start with an elevated view, and just have people drawing shapes on the ground. It’s how he starts people getting used to click release click, using inferencing on something simple, and also typing dimensions to get exact line lengths. That may be the kind of tutorial people are seeing.

The example SketchUp 8 model opens ok in 2020, and opens in the web version as well.

Did you get the sample? Were you able to open it?

Colin, the theory is to have you practice SU function in 2D to get familiar before moving to #D.

It also works for me and looks like this.

With the web version you can use the insert option, top left menu, insert, choose from computer and browse to the file and insert it.

Thanks Guys. As a novice, I never would have figured this out. Where should I have looked for the instructions to do this?

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