Beginner 3d to 2d

hi, following youtube guide, told to start in 2D i cannot find how to do it. youtube is using pro version, i am using MAKE . any idea please?

Are you using the desktop version (Make)?
Then, there aren’t that many differences.
The toolbar on those versions can be altered, so they can look different.

Use , then search for youtube vids

i am using the free download, i thought it was make but not that sure?

If you installed it, it is the desktop version. You can check (SketchUp->About SketchUp)
The first 30 days, you can use it in a trial, after that, it depends on what version you have downloaded what will happen: version 18 and up will no longer be licensed, version 17 can be used without license, provided you downloaded the right one.(Make)