Free sketchup tools question

I’m watching a tutorial that shows heaps of tools unlike my version, see pic. Am I missing something or is it the version??

Hi Greg,

The image you posted is of SketchUp Free which is the online version that runs in your internet browser.

Without seeing the tutorial, I would guess it was made using one of the installed desktop versions called “SketchUp Make” or “SketchUp Pro.”

The user interface between Free and Make/Pro is quite different, but the Tools work the same.

Do you have a link to the tutorial?

Your pic is from the Free version which runs in a web browser. SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro are standalone applications that you install on your computer. The tutorials were probably using Make or Pro.

Hi Jim,
Yes it is pro version

Iv just started using sketchup & not used any cad in the past, dont think I need pro for a while

Yes they were, Im new to cad so wont be needing extra tools i assume

You can still download SketchUp Make 2017 here:

That tutorial doesn’t use any Pro-only tools, so you’d be able to follow it using Make.

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Thanks, have done that, is there any downside for beginners using make?
Looks like PC based program, that’s a good thing I guess, ultimately I would like to do 3D printing

Not really for a beginner. Compared to Pro you’re missing the boolean tools, Layout, Style Builder and the licence to use it for commercial work. For 3D printing, you probably won’t need Layout as it’s for creating 2D drawings to print or share. The boolean tools are handy but you can do the same thing with a bit more work with the intersect tools.

Cheers Gordon, looking forward to actually building something, get some
tutoring off youtube next.

Best Regards,

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