What's in/not in SketchUp Free

Im a newby, 70 year old, retired civil engineer and this is much more user friendly than Autocad or Revit - both of which I ve tried and failed to learn/use very well. So Ive started using Free as an introduction and YouTuble plus a Dummies Guide (Chopra).
Some things I cant find/acess and wonder are these unavailable in Free e.g Groups, Components.
Im planning to buy the Pro edition if I can get this to work for me and use it for some small scale design.

I would suggest that you just go ahead and install SketchUp Pro and learn to use it during the trial period. The user interfaces are very different between desktop and web versions and the Pro version has many more features. There are educational materials at learn.sketchup.com that you can go through along with the downloadable practice files.

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Groups and Components are present in ALL versions of Sketchup, both web based and desktop.

And if you will be using it ONLY for personal non-commercial projects you could download and use the last free desktop version Sketchup Make 2017. It starts as a 30 day free trial of v2017 Pro, but reverts to Make after that. You lose a small range of Pro-only features, and Layout and StyleBuilder, but you can still do a great deal without those.

There are some changes and enhancements in later desktop versions, but Make 2017 remains very capable. But note again that is licensed only for non-commercial use.

Download from sketchup.com/download/all.

Thanks John. Iā€™m enjoying, struggling a little but it will come good