Reverting from wireframe mode

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My first post to the forum. I managed to get a model into the wire frame mode, but that was a week ago. Now I can’t figure out how to make it revert to the standard mode.

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First check under the View menu and change the Face Style from Wireframe to the desired alternate style.

Hi Millright74, hi folks.

Alternatively, you can also use View menu --> Face style to make the Face Style Palette visible. Then, position it where it is convenient for you, for example, on the left side or the top of the Model window.

With this palette visible, you are only one click away from many rendering possibilities.

Just ideas.


The sequence that jean-lemire cited does not exist.
He knows how to do it, but he knows it so well that he cannot give a beginner an accurate sequence of tasks…

The ACTUAL methods for displaying and using this MENU Palette is this:

  1. pull down the View Menu
  2. Select the Toolbars menu item
  3. Check the Styles toolbar option
  4. Put the standalone Styles menu where you want it
  5. Use the Styles menu to select from:

Back Edges
Hidden Line
Shaded with Textures

You are welcome !