Returning to run SketchUp Make 2017 on Windows 10


I was told by SketchUp technical support a couple of months ago that since I run Win 10 using Bootcamp on my MacBook Pro I wouldn’t be able to run SketchUp Make 2017 on Win 10. So, I’ve been running the program on Mac OS X. I now need two woodworking design plugins that are only available to run on Win 10. Hence my dread of having to return to Win 10 to run SKU M '17. MY QUESTION: Have the problems of trying to run SKU M '17 on Win 10 been resolved? My issue with running SKU M '17 on Win 10 was that it was extremely slow – up to 30 second delay before I could select anything.


What plugins are those?



The plugins are CutList Plus fx and CutList Bridge, by Joe Zeh.


Ah. So not design plugins but cutlist generating. There are other cutlist generating extensions that do work on Mac.


Pray tell, what are these?



I think you used CutList (4.1.12); February 24, 2014 in your SKU tutorial that I just finished. Is this the best? I note that it’s rather dated.



I went to the CutList website, and found an entry that states that the plugin’s author passed away in 2014. This explains its dated nature.


I create cutlists for most of the projects I draw in SketchUp and Cutlist is the best one I’ve found. It’s the most user friendly and it does much more than I need. The most recent version of it is available in the Extension Warehouse.

I wouldn’t call it dated. It doesn’t really need any updating and it works perfectly in SU2017. It will show as not having a current signature but that doesn’t prevent it from working. The author did pass away suddenly and that does partially explain why there’ve been no changes to it in three years. Again, it’s more than up to the job of creating cutlists and such.


Thank you!



You are probably the best SketchUp/Woodworker combination on this Forum. If I may, I’d like to ask you another question. I am designing a simple table with four legs, a lower side rail/stretcher on each side, a top side rail/stretcher on each side, an upper and a lower back rail/stretcher, and its top. I can’t figure out how SketchUp organizes itself in the placement of the rail/stretcher tenons and their corresponding mortises in the legs. If I offset the tenons on one end of the stretchers, how can I make the tenons on the other end either automatically appear placed similarly or differently to the tenons on the first end? I have the file that I can forward to you should you be interested and able to help. Thanks


Thank you for the compliments.

As for the tenons on the rail, if the shoulders on all four sides are the same width, you can use Offset on the end of the rail followed by Push/Pull for the length. Once you’ve done it on one end, orbit the camera around to look at the other end and repeat the steps. Keyboard shorcuts for Offset and Push/Pull along with double clicking for both tools makes the second tenon faster than the first and neither take much time.

If Offset doesn’t work for the size of the tenon relative to the rail, or in the case of twin tenons or haunched tenons, I sometimes draw the first tenon and then place guidelines along diagonal opposite corners of the tenon. The guidelines extend through the rail so you can use the Rectangle tool and click at the points where the guidelines appear.

Some people will draw one tenon, then copy it to the opposite end of the rail and flip it but I’ve seen plenty of examples where they’ve made an error in the move and created problems and more work than they saved.

You could also draw only half the rail and copy it, flip the copy and move it into place but I don’t think it saves much work if any.

There is the Tenon tool in the Wudworx toolset if you would rather use a plugin. While I have it, I usually wind up drawing my own tenons.

As for the mortises, they always come after the tenons so there’s no need to lay out the mortises. Since the tenons are used as reference, the mortise are perfectly aligned to the tenons.

If you want to send me your SKP file by PM, I’ll take a look when I get home from work.



Thanks for your response. I don’t have your personal email, so I’m attaching the previously referenced file here.

If you look at the file attached you’ll see what I mean. The right stretcher shown is the case in point. I want the tenon as shown on the front of the stretcher (centered), but on the rear of the stretcher I want the tenon offset to the outside of the stretcher. I want this because otherwise the tenons at the right-rear of the table would be superimposed.

Maybe this is not an optimal design because there isn’t much wood on the outside of the rear tenon, and I might change the vertical dimensions of the stretchers to separate the tenons from each other. But my question remains as I am very interested to learn how to make the ends of the stretchers different from each other.

I recall that when I first drew the tenons on the left stretcher, they popped into view on the right stretcher. But sometimes one wants unique things happening at the corners.

I hope this explains my dilemma.

.Refined_Desk_07_28.skp (96.2 KB)


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