Why have Web Version?

I have a been using Sketchup Go (Web Version) for the past 9 months. I have a few projects under way for wood working. My question is why should I continue to pay for the web version when I can use 2017 and it allows me to print out the component list and use integrations to get a cut list? I can’t even export from the Web to 2017 b/c the versions are not supported.

Is there are option to import the .skp file into another app to create a cut list? Or a road map to allow a print out of build components with details?

If you are a hobbyist woodworker you can certainly use 2017 Make. Install it and use it at your own risk. There is at least one extension available in the Extension Warehouse that will allow you to open newer version .skp files in SU2017.

If your woodworking is a commercial venture then using SketchUp Make for your projects would be forbidden. Actually, you could continue to keep your SketchUp Go subscription active and use 2017 to get cutlists and such but still at your own risk. The web services for SketchUp (Warehouses, Geo-Location, etc.) haven’t supported SketchUp 2017 for years. The web bowsers that 2017 uses haven’t been supported by Windows/Apple for a long time, either. They’ve had no security updates. And there’s no official source for SketchUp 2017. You can find it with a Google search but the sources haven’t got the greatest track records for supplying clean software.

If your woodworking is a business, it would probably make more sense to upgrade to a SketchUp Pro subscription. You’ll still have SketchUp Go but you’d also have a supported version of SketchUp for desktop which will open your models from SketchUp Go, allow you to use extensions for cutlists and other functions, and give you LayOut for creating documentation for showing projects to clients, shop drawings, and export options for making full size printed patterns and CNC cutting or other shop operations.

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