Retain the page set up settings when the file is closed

I send pdf’s to other consultants, so I always set for ‘any printer’. Paper size always shows ‘Other’ (although it also shows A3 dimensions) and so I have to change it to A3. Even if I then save that file and reopen it, the A3 setting is lost and it has defaulted back to ‘Other’. This is such a waste of time having to remember to reset every time I open a file. If I leave it at ‘Other’, both of my A3 printers will jam, presumably because they are expecting ‘Other’ when they only have A3 paper. Can this be resolved?

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what are your “Printers and Scaners” settings in System Preferences…

is it set for your printer?


I have 4 printers set in the Printers and Scanners, the default is my A4 laser, plus two A3 lasers and a label printer. I don’t have this behaviour with any other program I have, or have used, since the 1980’s!
I note this goes back to at least June 2015 - not good enough!

Jun '15

So I contacted Sketchup support and was told yesterday that this is a known issue, that the SketchUp Team is working on it, and that they hope to have it fixed in the future.

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Very annoying. It is only with SU and LO programs, please fix this.

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