Resizing a component


I have this drawing where I am adding these “beams” and I originally made them too big and all I want to do is shrink them with out re-sizing the entire model.

I think that there should be a way but I just dont know what it is… please let me know…

SU 8


If they’re all the same Component, you can enter one of them, resize it, and the rest will resize automatically to match the one you’re modifying.

If they’re all Groups, they’re not linked, you can either:
Make one into component, and then copy/paste it around the model to replace all the groups.
Download a plug-in that can change all your groups into components so you can modify them faster.


Hopefully you made the beams as groups or components, since otherwise the geometry will stick to other geometry and the beam will pull that other stuff along with it as you rescale!

The quickest way is to use the scale Tool. See, for example


Thank you very much, that was a BIG help.