Spreading components away from each other uniformly


Is it possible, whether a feature or a hack, to scale a group of components without changing the size/dimensions of the components that make up the group.

or to pose the question differently… how can i scale the space between a group of components without changing the size of the model itself.

or =)

you know that demonstration of the expansion of the universe where someone draws dots on a balloon. then when you blow up the balloon the dots move away from each other uniformly…

can i do any of those in sketchup?


You can make them a dynamic component. So that each component is a fixed size and can’t be scaled.

If your components are all the same, you can also copy/array them.


I think i see where you’re going with the dynamic components suggestion… thank you very much! i am not sure i follow the copy/array suggestion thing though.

I am going to go attempt the dynamic component piece, if you can spare the time to elaborate on the other suggestion i’m eager to learn


another way…


@quantj thank you very much for the dynamic component suggestion!!! it worked like a charm!!! it took me a second to remember how to lock the attribute on the components but as soon as i did everything worked exactly as i had envisioned.

if i had just found this forum last night before i “brute forced” the other half of the issue i created for myself =) i’ll definitely come straight here next time i am trying something new.

@Cotty I cant wait to see what kind of ingenuity you have shared, but my proxy is blocking the link… i will check it when i get home from work.

Great to see you figured it out!


You could also have used the BigBang extension.