Resize your object

Ok. I’m reacquainting myself with sketchup after some years of being away. So I’ve got some questions to pepper you with.

One of my greatest frustrations then, and now, is the seeming arbitrariness of using the ruler to resize and object. Hit the control key to put a little + symbol next to the ruler and then chose two points? Works sometimes. Sometimes not. Select the object and explode? No help. Make the object a group or component. No go. Just seems to pop up the box asking to “resize the object” at random… when I’m lucky enough to get it.

Trying to simply use the ruler to measure or lay down a guide line? 95 percent of the time it works just fine. 5 percent of the time the ■■■■ little window opens asking if you want to resize the object and NO amount of reattempts stops the window from opening… and getting in the way of actually measuring or laying down a guide line.

What am I missing?

Resizing only works in the context you are working, so on geometrty of that context.

Resizing is only possible when the ruler shows no + sign. So when you are actually measuring.
Else (with the + sign) you are not measuring but adding a guide or a guide point.

So watch the cursor and hit [Ctrl] to toggle the + sign off.
[Ctrl] toggles the sign on/off.

For gob’s sake, I need to learn how to do those animated vid uploads while my screen is doing this so someone can observe what the heck I’m doing wrong.

Last night I was trying to lay down a guide to a specific length. Again, the “do you want to resize object” prompt pops up. +sign is next to the ruler icon. Press Ctrl and eliminate the +. Try again with ruler, no + next to it, the “do you want to resize object” pops up. NOTHING I did was able to just drawn the guide. I tried to draw the guide in space, on the object face, and on the object edge. I exploded the object…no help. Grouped it…no help. Made component… no change. “do you want…” prompt kept popping up.

I DO NOT WANT to resize the object!!! Too bad sketchup does not respond to screaming out loud.

Finally, in disgust, I gave up and just drew a solid line the length I wanted to make a guide and had to erase it when done.

Licecap is the app you want, it is free

This Page my help to clarify the guide situation.

When you are using the tape measure tool you will see this in the bottom left of the window:

If you are currently toggled to not create a guide, and you type the length of your intended guide, it will be taken as a resize request.

So, tap the Ctrl key, so that the cursor does have --+ attached, and you will get the guide of the length you wanted, instead of being asked to resize the object.